Home Page v.2.0 by Andrew/

This is the main web page for Canopy. I have put this web site together as a learning tool.

It enables me to enhance my knowledge of:

  1. A LAMP Server, consisting of:
    • Linux - I'm running a variant of Debian known as Raspbian,
    • Apache - Web Page Server Software,
    • MySQL - a full function SQL database,
    • PHP - an open source server-side scripting language.
  2. Python - an interpreted language which will access MySQL to build the Prime Numbers until it runs out of time or space on my server.
  3. C - The language that is closest to Assembler, originally designed to develop Operating Systems.

If you are 'under the canopy' you will see a range of advanced functionality. If you are outside the canopy then you will see just informational pages.